Exercise Ideas for Truck Drivers

As people become less and less active, both in their homes and the workplace, the importance of making time to exercise has never been higher. Many of the things we do every single day contribute to a sedentary lifestyle that decreases our quality of life and increases the odds of suffering from a serious illness. In particular, sitting has recently been identified by The Mayo Clinic as a significant risk factor for illnesses like obesity, cancer, and heart disease. Since the job of a truck driver requires long periods of continuous sitting, they are at especially high risk.

Why People Struggle

An active lifestyle is a vital key to fitness, but sometimes it feels like exercise doesn’t fit into your day. Finding an hour or more during the day to exercise might feel impossible. As a truck driver, you likely don’t have access to a gym and specialized exercise equipment can be expensive. However, many of these concerns can be mitigated with just a few changes to how you plan your workouts.

Making Exercise Work for You

Illustration of various stretches

Simple Stretches

You probably don’t have a lot of room for equipment or space to work out. One option is to rely on exercises that don’t require lots of equipment, set-up time, or space. Without any equipment, you can already perform a variety of exercises that target every part of your body. Simple stretches and holds like lunges, planks, and bridges help to keep your torso in proper alignment and alleviate muscle tightness from head to toe. In addition, you can find many exercise ideas online. For example, Buzzfeed Life has compiled 30 workouts under 30 minutes that you can do pretty much anywhere.

Another option is to keep your equipment light and portable so that you can have the flexibility to work out whenever, wherever, and at whatever pace you want. A jump rope for cardio and endurance exercises, a couple of resistance bands for strength and conditioning activities, and your own body weight provide all the tools you need to exercise whenever the moment is right.

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