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In February Driving Healthy provided you with several tips on making smart food swaps and what to do when eating out. But, what if you prefer a more comprehensive approach to keeping track of your intake, activity, and weight?  You are not on your own – you have Choose MyPlate at your disposal!

One part of the program is MyFoodData, where you can enter a food online and quickly retrieve information on calories, fats, added sugars, sodium, and empty calories.  You will also find more detailed information which lists protein, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals.  Using Food-A-Pedia, you can easily compare two different food choices to help you determine which selection is best for you.

Move Your Way is a collection of tools, videos, and fact sheets with tips that make it easier to get a little more active. and small changes can add up to big health benefits!

Similarly, the MyPlatePlan helps you record and tally the food you consume, and record your favorite foods and recipes. After selecting a general category (for example, Meals & Entrees), you can then enter a more specific dish (Example: lasagna with beef) to add it to your tracker.  As each food is recorded, the related calories are added to the total, so you can get a fast and accurate picture of what you have consumed in a given day.  Being aware of what we consume is an important part of improving our eating habits!

Best of all, this program is free!  Try it out, a little at a time, or take advantage of every facet of this program.

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