Living Healthy Anytime

Health Word CloudLiving healthy means adopting a lifestyle that is characterized by a healthy diet, regular exercise and relaxation, and taking steps to maintain your health. This section gives you additional tips for exercising and relaxing. For information about maintaining your health, including tips to quit smoking, visit the Prevention section.

Make Small Changes to Exercise More

Finding time to exercise can be difficult. Be creative and look for ways to add in extra activity throughout the day. For example:

  • Increase the number of steps you take per day. It is recommended that each person take 2,000 steps per/day. Try wearing a pedometer or using a smart phone application to see how many steps you currently take and add steps each day.
  • Look for opportunities to walk more. Try building in time to walk. For example, instead of parking closest to the entrance of a building, park further away and walk. Make a couple of laps around your truck before going in the building and before you get back in the driver’s seat. Adding a little bit of walking will have a big payoff in your health.
  • Burn calories through housework and yard work. Common household chores, like sweeping, dusting, mowing the grass, and gardening, all burn calories.
  • Visit online fitness sites. Many offer mini workouts with illustrated instructions or videos.
  • Talk with family and friends and look online for more tips that make sense for you.

Take Time to Relax

Being away from home and on the road can cause stress. When you add home demands on top of this, you have the recipe for even more stress, anxiety, or depression.  Practicing relaxation techniques can help you to manage your stress.  Some techniques include: yoga, listening to music, exercise, meditation, massage, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization. Try various techniques to see which ones work best for you. Look for relaxation techniques in exercise classes, online, in books, CDs, and videos.  To get you started, we’ve gathered a collection of stress management, relaxation, and mental health resources in our Stress Management Resource Center.

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