Living Healthy at Home

Happy young overweight man exercising with dumbbells and looking at camera..Living healthy means exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle.  In addition to improving your overall health and personal appearance, a healthy lifestyle will increase your productivity and improve your mental health. While it’s often hard to find the motivation to exercise after a long day of work, remember that even small changes to your daily routine will help get you on the road to healthy living. Plus, by being creative, exercise can become a fun and relaxing way to end your day.

Be More Productive

  • Exercise will make you sharper mentally.
  • Exercise will improve your flexibility, making you less likely to suffer falls and injuries.
  • Exercise offsets the effects of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • Exercise reduces your risk of illness by ensuring that your body is equipped to create antibodies and cells to fight germs.

Be More Positive

  • Weight loss improves self-esteem and makes you look better in your clothes.
  • Exercise helps you sleep better by creating mood and stress-reducing endorphins.
  • Exercise improves your mood because those endorphins also lower anxiety and depression.

Make Exercise a Family Affair

A young African American family, woman, man, father, mother & boy child riding bicycles in the summerExercising with family and friends provides support and accountability. Also, when you exercise with your kids, you are teaching them good health habits. To get everyone involved, choose activities the whole family can enjoy and take turns picking activities.

  • Play a fitness-based video game.
  • Learn to dance using DVDs or online resources.
  • Take a walk or ride bikes around the neighborhood.
  • Play tag, catch, or Frisbee.
  • Visit walking trails and parks.

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