Living Healthy on the Road

Living healthy on the road is challenging, but not impossible. By being creative, you can find ways to add exercise to your daily routines. We hope that you’ll use the tips below and look for other ways to add activity when you’re on the road.

Exercising on the Road

Crossing street signs reading good and health.Need some guidance in developing a workout plan? There are numerous exercise resources online and through phone or tablet applications. These resources range from workout podcasts, to videos, to images of exercise instructions. Many of these resources are free and can be completed with little to no added equipment. For example, the National Health Service’s Get Fit with Strength and Flex plan aims to improve your health and wellbeing in five weeks. The plan includes weekly podcasts and videos of all exercises included in the plan (click here for a preview of the exercises). Several additional plans are also featured on the NHS website.

Not sure which type of exercise you prefer? Looking for something new? The Huffington Post Canada has gathered 20 of the best free online workouts. The page includes an overview summary of each video workout series along with a link to the series.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach to exercising, look for exercise opportunities that you can work into your schedule:

  • Take a jump rope along with you and jump rope at rest areas.
  • Walk or jog around rest areas for cardio.
  • Carry resistance bands or use water bottles or cans as weights for conditioning activities.
  • Take advantage of truck stop resources like StayFit from TA and Petro. As part of the StayFit program, select locations now offer fitness rooms and walking/running trail maps.

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